Fundraiser at Il Fornaio Del Mar

If you don’t know about the food at Il Fornaio, it’s legit. For the second year, my wife went to eat at a buffet – yes, a buffet – at the Italian restaurant but this buffet style is only exclusive to the fundraising event the Wrapworks program of the San Diego Center for Children puts on. And the only ticket of admission is purchasing gifts for the children with a total value of at least $25.


Admittedly, these shindigs aren’t my thing but it’s hard to say no to great food at your leisure and, y’know, your wife. Thankfully, she has sociable co-workers, but when the dancing kicks in, that’s when I take my typical leave of absence. It’s hard to keep up with my wife and my lower back’s been frustrated with me lately.
Not to mention not enough seats so most of us had to stand at the cocktail tables. Who’s idea was that? “Let’s have people stand…for four hours.” Elderly, pregnant women, please have first dibs. But let’s not forget about the athletic 30 year-olds suffering from God knows what. Aging affects everyone.

Chris Lomeli. A goofball, as well.

Now, my wife told me about a singer who entertained at the event last year. She said he was so good and everyone became a fan. I’m always skeptical when many people fawn over something, especially when it comes to music. I’m very critical when it comes to things I’ve invested myself into. The artist’s name was Chris Lomeli. Dude was legit. I was listening to find flaws. I did find some but I got to the point where I was missing out. Chris is from Palm Springs, so unfortunately, we cannot hear his voice again but I, too, became a fan.


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